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Capture and print your screen

With Staxofax


Having trouble explaining something?
Get your point across immediately with a screen shot, splash text and clip art arrows

Here is a typical Staxofax screen shot which shows how to change MS Notepad from portrait to landscape orientation. You can make screen shots like this in seconds. Just press Alt + Prt Scr then add the clip art from Staxofax.

Image of a good screen capture

"Capture your screen, add colorful effects and helpful instructions and you immediately improve communication "

Staxofax is the only screen capture program which is also a multi clipboard and includes its own organizer and graphics editor.

The Graphics editor.......
Annotates and illustrates with text and clip art.
Combines two or more screen shots.
Crops any number of rectangular areas from a screen shot.
Reduces a screen shot with anti-aliasing. (Retains fine line detail)
Adds graphics from files to your screen shots.
Creates graphics and clip art from scratch. (Including transparent GIFs)

The multi clipboard........
Lets you give meaningful names to your screen shots
Provides a preview of your shots as the mouse moves over them.
Saves as JPEG, GIF or BMP while retaining your original shots in an editable format.
Sends shots to the clipboard in two formats. Plain graphic or Outlook Express format.
( Lets you paste directly into Outlook Express or Windows mail)
Lets you arrange shots in groups, highlight them or sort them alphabetically by name.
Includes a built in backup system.

We offer both "Try before you buy" and free lite versions. Click the downloads link on the left to get your copy.

screen shots screen capture screenshots